The dictionary describes it as ''cloth for wiping the hands, face, and body.''
Now, it can be used as an interior decoration like a tapestry or poster,
Use it as a bandana or scarf, wrap it like a furoshiki,
It is used as a fabric for miscellaneous goods and aloha.

In addition, depending on the dyeing technique, it is roughly divided into two types.

Chusen Tenugui

Tenugui hand towels that have been hand-dyed traditionally since the Edo period by dyeing craftsmen.
Therefore, there may be some unevenness in color, but it is a simple and tasteful tenugui.
Tenugui lovers are irresistible.

Print Tenugui

Tenugui that has been dyed using a machine.
By separating the colors one by one, you can make towels that are more faithful to the original.
You can also make hand towels with colorful and fine patterns.

We also have other patterns that are not listed in the product list。Inquiryherefor details.